1、Yes. We had our dog mated with another pure breed.

2、Mold halves are mated and prepared for pouring metal.

3、He fled for shelter to God, who mated.

4、Scientists have found that females mated with lesser, shorter-tailed males are much more likely to be unfaithful than females mated with more attractive specimens.

5、This mated pair was found in a deep-sea den off the coast of Maine.

6、Disc– machined seating surface is mated to seat ring for positive shutoff.

7、A beautiful phoenix mated to a crow-a perfect woman married to a worthless man

8、Our bitch should produce a fine litter. We mated her with John's dog.

9、A man who had been successful at capturing one of the animals called to ask whether raccoons mated for life.

10、In Ecuador, there are also white or yellow Heliconius butterflies that live close to one another and have mated freely. But that situation might be changing.

11、These lead wires are mated to the switch and receiver lead wires by press-on connectors (10) and are insulated by vinyl tubing (11).

12、There are different working cases between two mated parts of jar. If the upper part has been indurated the life of jar would prolong.

13、The team then implanted a number of mice with electrodes capable of measuring single cell activity in this region of the brain and observed which cells became activated when mice fought or mated.

14、A fastener consisting of a threaded pin or rod with a head at one end, designed to be inserted through holes in assembled parts and secured by a mated nut that is tightened by applying torque.

15、A lilac had mated with a copper beech, and to bind them yet more closely to one another the malevolent ivy, always an enemy to grace, had thrown her tendrils about the pair and made them prisoners.

16、The experiment started back in 1993 with 224 mice divided into eight groups. In four of the groups the researchers mated the males and females that logged the most distance on their exercise wheels.

17、Methods Seven auto mated hematology analyzers in three laboratories were used to detect Hct concent ration with whole blood quality control specimen and fresh anticoagulation blood . The collected data were deal with statistics analysis.