1、But the process was slow and laborious.

2、Her work is a laborious task.

3、That is a bit too laborious.

4、So, it is a very laborious process.

5、Reading is a laborious taskwhich takes a long time.

6、Storing, finding, and using these documents is laborious and inefficient.

7、As such, any changes to the application require a laborious upgrade across the entire user base.

8、The most laborious method of moving Rational Projects is to move scripts one at a time.

9、The work, the result of years-long and laborious experimentation, is published April 7 in the journal Nature.

10、It may seem a simple affair to play upon a violin; yet what a long and laborious practice it requires!

11、He himself has logged some 450, and that was using laborious, old-fashioned techniques such as illustrating thousands of anatomical drawings by hand.

12、Having a doctorate means I know how laborious and expensive it is to determine the correct structure for a given protein in the lab.

13、But I did not find my aunt, her face always with a busy and laborious expression, which was not pretty at all, but was always sincere and considerate.

14、By contrast, modern houses in Cuba are made of concrete or brick, making them expensive and laborious to rebuild after a hurricane.

15、It's hard to imagine that with all the magical gadgets, the eager, studious types would still whip out a notepad, pencil, and highlighter-and take laborious, wrist-twisting notes in class.

16、One example was "antizen", which referred to the group of college graduates who, earning a meager salary and living in small rented apartments, were like the tiny and laborious ants.

17、Note that this should not be a laborious and lengthy process; the goal is to get to a smaller and lighter initial process framework and validate the decisions with real work efforts.