1、We set off at a trot.

2、The donkey began to trot faster , then to gallop.

3、A suspended trot with joint flexion when viewed from the side.

4、He went with a quick, steady trot through the silent night.

5、I couldn't help smiling as I watched him trot down the alley.

6、Why do the walk the trot and the canter or lope feel so different to a rider?

7、Glance back next time you trot off to the restroom and I bet his hands will be on their way to touching his hair.

8、It would be like him to trot after me, his navy blazer flapping, just to eke the truth out of me.

9、Maybe it's a sign of idealism, in an endearing belief in the goodness in people and the brotherhood of man that makes people trot out their lowest moments like circus ponies.