1、That of course raised my ire.

2、Mr Clegg's righteous ire should now be an asset.

3、Efforts to rouse international ire have had mixed success.

4、The next day, the parents directed their ire at Mr. Jiang.

5、And Mr Clegg aired some promising policies, not just an outsider's ire.

6、Mr Johnson’s initial ire was directed at the threat these buses posed to people who ride bikes—like himself.

7、Though a target of public ire, he continues to enjoy strong support from clients, investors and the board.

8、In recent years, a number of leaks of radioactive water have stoked environmentalist ire, though local residents were not exposed to dangerous doses of radiation.

9、Spokespeople for the show have expressed ire that critics have broken unofficial rules by reviewing the show before it has technically opened;

10、Observers pressed up against a police barricade drew the ire of one man who emerged from the building and shouted: "Are you enjoying watching this?

11、The environmental pressure also raised the prospect of costly delays, to the ire of the customers who have pre-purchased much of the anticipated gas.

12、When we visited my grandparents in their Manhattan apartment, I would tiptoe around Grandpa, fearful of brushing against him and drawing his ire.

13、The second generation of the rich often incur the ire of the wider society, especially when they act as if they're entitled to, rather than lucky to have, their unearned riches.

14、Months ago Prince Harry risked the Queen's ire when he broke royal rules by autographing the plaster cast of a female Air Training Corps cadet who had broken her arm.

15、Undeserved bonuses, plunging share prices and government bail-outs, among other ills, have elicited the ire of the media and public-and created a bonanza for public-relations firms.