1、We will transact with them for truce.

2、But in mid-May they accepted a truce.

3、Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he hopes truce efforts will succeed.

4、This marks another phase of a truce in a protracted diplomatic war.

5、Kouchner told French television he is pushing for a lasting truce.

6、Last year, Mr Ma declared a "diplomatic truce", meaning an end to the chequebook contest for recognition.

7、The possible end this week of a truce between Hamas and Israel can only make things worse.

8、A truce now, if Hamas really did stop its fire, could be presented to voters as the successful rehabilitation of Israeli deterrence.

9、When a messenger that he had sent under flag of truce was killed, his troops burnt the Summer Palace to the ground.

10、It has been wisely negotiating with Syria via Turkey, and engaging Hamas on a truce deal through the mediation of Egypt.

11、The government's decision to end a 2002 truce agreement with Tamil rebels came as virtually everyone acknowledged that the pact existed only in name.

12、For the first time ever, all 193 members of the United Nations have signed the traditional Olympic truce, a throwback to the ancient games.

13、By offering no clear alternatives to the scotched peace deal, Mr Abhisit may be leaning that way, urged on by royalist backers who see no need for a truce.

14、But whereas the Israelis argued for their troops to stay in place during the early days of the truce, Hamas demanded their immediate withdrawal from Gaza as the price of halting rocket fire.

15、Brown was furious that the crowd outside had refused to honor his white flag of truce earlier in the day. He told Sinn that his men could have killed unarmed men and women, but did not do so.

16、He recalled earlier face-to-face meetings with senior Israeli officials and mused that if the then opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu came to power, Israel and Hamas might negotiate a truce.