1、There are many apples hanging above me.

2、Was not hanging too good for him?

3、Low-hanging clouds befogged the airport.

4、Coconut shells go into a bag hanging from the rafters.

5、At last he was hunted down and killed by hanging.

6、A big calendar is hanging on the wall.

7、To get the look, use a Victorian plant stand, or search for a round hanging pot rack that can be augmented with hanging POTS.

8、She was standing at the top of the stairs, hanging on to the banister.

9、I never realized how beautiful and how lonely our planet looks hanging there in space.

10、tropical American vine having hanging cord-like roots and cylindrical fruit with pineapple-banana flavor.

11、It was not hanging on the door hook, where she always kept it.

12、The Russians like hanging out in the kitchen and philosophically talk about life.

13、There's a thief hanging on the gallows out there, and I'll cut his hand off; which hand was it?

14、The bronze ornaments may be the hanging decorations of the divine tree used in the sacrificial rituals.

15、A hanging, easily swung cot or lounge of canvas or heavy netting suspended between two trees or other supports.

16、It juxtaposes the horrid image of bodies hanging from trees with a description of the idyllic South.

17、You walk around thebuilding and see posters hanging up with happy groups of people working andplaying together.

18、He aimed to do it. Later he practised on the hanging sides of beef at Cross Brothers' slaughterhouse in Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa in real life.

19、She chats with a neighbor hanging laundry on one of the poles that festoon the lane, while a man, still in pajamas, waters his plants.

20、I'm glad the new trainee is keen but I wish he'd stop hanging around my bench and getting in my hair.

21、Pull the ends of the ties through the hole, and tie a knot with the ends to create a loop for hanging.

22、Both sides shot and hanged prisoners without mercy, and on at least two occasions Patriots enforced the gruesome punishment of hanging, drawing and quartering.

23、He swallowed his anger and turned his eyes vacantly on the Marxims for Keeping Order in a Family inscribed on a scroll hanging on the wall above the couch.

24、He knew that he must stand up to be introduced, and he struggled painfully to his feet, where he stood with trousers bagging at the knees, his arms loose- hanging and ludicrous, his face set hard for the impending ordeal.

25、When I was younger, I was quite interested in astronomy, and spent a fair bit of time hanging around observatories and reading about the science (as well as looking through telescopes).

26、I stood before him with my head hanging, trying to think of the words that would explain to him why my dream of buying my mom a house was worth facing his disappointment in me.

27、In Australia, members of this genus were found to be feeding almost exclusively on spiders that are gleaned from webs hanging over small forest paths or between the foliage.

28、What happens now is that whenever we go out together, with my outstretched arms tightly clinging to my wife's shoulder, I am pretty much like a monkey hanging on to a wire pole, allowing her to drag me along the street...