1、She made a long plaid skirt.

2、I am wearing a plaid nightgown trimmed with white lace.

3、Florals could be mixed with plaid and sable with denim.

4、I collapse with my eyes closed on one of the plaid thrift store couches.

5、I think I like the striped tie better than the plaid one.

6、Wolstencroft looked very smart in a brown plaid waistcoat with a gold satin bow tie at his neck.

7、Viv, 53, the perfect Shrek, also colored himself in green and dressed in plaid pants, the typical Shrek Costume.

8、I lay down on the examining table. I'd worn a big plaid flannel shirt and a camisole underneath.

9、A soft, wool pink plaid coat with jeans and a white shirt and thick sunglasses made her look nice.

10、We’re talking PJs of the green and red plaid, pink and red teddy variety, often accessorised with slippers.

11、I wish I could have met the lady in the plaid skirt, who looks to have tucked a flower or two behind the bow of her straw hat.

12、The upper half of the big kilt evolved into the separate plaid (or sash) which is now worn at more formal events.

13、Some of the more casual living room, decorative techniques can also be obtained through the denim, plaid cloth and knitting wool appearance.

14、The plaid camouflaged my new chest, the camisole protected it and the buttons on the shirt made for easy medical access.

15、Eric Brewer, a video producer in Washington, D.C., recently wore a dark denim jacket with a slightly lighter faded pair of jeans, paired with a black shirt, and plaid scarf to a party.

16、A Santa at a Bass Pro Shop outdoor-goods store in Denver, he blanched when a blond girl in a red plaid dress recently asked for a pair of eyeglasses so she could see the classroom board.

17、First all the bedding was made into two beds, laid on top of each other across the back of the wagon, and carefully covered with a pretty plaid blanket.