1、Have you heard the term billing increment?

2、They sat there billing and cooing till after midnight.

3、For example, system designers could create an internal interface package to utilize third-party billing code but only expose interfaces to those packages that use the billing code.

4、In the billing address example, what's preventing the sales rep from simply copying the shipping address as the billing address without verifying it with the customer?

5、Both the service provider and the subscriber access the billing system for the current usage charges.

6、Prepaid billing saves operators sending out bills and chasing up debts.

7、The Parlay X PaymentWweb service supports payment and billing for contents in an open and Web service-based fashion.

8、Advanced platforms that have a limited instance-level ability to provide metering and billing often opt to provide generalized billing models in which there is a flat fee to run application code.

9、These services can provide any level of business function, from order management, to billing, to inventory, to fulfillment.

10、Prepaid billing and affordable handsets on their own are not enough to ensure a rapid adoption of mobile phones, however.

11、This data can be used in a batch-like model, that is, by a billing product which supports processing standards conform input.

12、This pattern also supports the need to accumulate data for overnight runs which might cover invoicing, billing, issue of contracts and related documents and renewal reminders.

13、In particular, you must take steps to prevent unauthorized clients or impostors from sending events or from triggering the billing process without the right authentication or permission.

14、But they brushed aside their low billing, ignored populist demands for pay caps and made some useful headway, particularly on the need for Banks to hold more capital.

15、A cell phone plan that USES a full-minute billing increment means that a one-second phone call will be billed as a full minute.

16、Of course, health insurers and hospitals were quick to digitise the back-office functions like billing and collection, but this zeal has usually not extended to front-office transactions.

17、This tutorial, part 5 of a six-part series, develops the liability management side of the accounting tool, along with an executive analysis tool that generates reports on the billing side.