1、The surf broke on the rocks.

2、They were splashing about in the surf.

3、I surf the Internet two hours a day.

4、Swimmers paddle in the clear surf of Sydney's Freshwater Beach.

5、Giant loops of barbed wire lie rusting in the surf.

6、It looks exciting, but I don't know how to surf.

7、Australian surf lifesaving clubs were formed in the early 20th century in an effort to help save swimmers who get caught in the sometimes treacherous surf.

8、Questions This Movie Will Raise: Does Charlie not surf because there are sharks?

9、We understand the future belongs to those who can metaphorically surf.

10、This world-famous destination is a Mecca for anyone who loves to surf.

11、I glimpsed, between the hills, sea and white surf curling on golden sand; vultures and buzzards floated overhead.

12、Skidmark the mouse rides a wave on a custom surf board at Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia.

13、They glue themselves to surfboards, kayaks and boats and loll in the surf for hours (days even!)

14、There was a buzz of excitement and Wild Whip could feel the resolve of the would-be revolutionists ebbing away like the surf after a high tide.

15、Or perhaps he does, if he has learned to surf the waves of space-time, believes Larry Silverberg, an engineering professor at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

16、Do you ever imagine that you can surf the Web, play an online game or join a videoconference no matter where you are using your 3g handheld device?

17、They have a tool for collecting, collating and sharing travel plans using a plug-in that follows you while you surf.

18、We all spend some of our time at work doing things that have nothing to do with our job. We surf the Web.

19、No. 1 is quite simply the growth in mobility, with cheap air travel and package vacations enabling people to swim, snorkel, surf or dive in places that previously had no human presence.

20、Stuart and his brother, Phillip, toured the festival in the uniforms they wear at their jobs as surf life-guards — bright yellow jerseys, red swim trunks, sandals, and red-and-yellow swim caps.

21、You don't even have to be solo... now there are teams and corporations that seek out people who want to surf their way through fundraising or product development or customer delight.

22、And when the Priest reached the shore he saw the young Fisherman lying drowned in the surf, and clasped in his arms was the body of the little Mermaid.