1、a bed-cum-sitting room

2、He didn't stir while sitting there.

3、He is a sitting Member of Parliament.

4、She was sitting immediately to my left.

5、They stuck in my sitting room until midnight.

6、I'll be sitting in the third carriage from the engine.

7、In practice, having cash sitting around is tempting.

8、A compact sitting-room of the same genre was outside.

9、Fresh copies of your resume are sitting in your backpack.

10、Cass Sunstein and David Schkade, two academics, found that Republican-appointed judges vote more conservatively when sitting on a panel with other Republicans than when sitting with Democrats.

11、To his astonishment he found his Master and the other disciples sitting there, absorbed in meditation.

12、The Border Patrol agents sitting at them chat idly to themselves.

13、Or does it entail sitting down with a pattern cutter and designing?

14、Had the man been sitting there glaring at him for the entire night without him knowing?

15、The women say that custom prevents them from idly sitting outside.

16、Eight people died in the collision, including three little girls who were sitting in the minivan's backseat.

17、You're not sitting there all day in your pajamas wondering what to do next, you're ready for action!

18、An unidentified woman screams as she realizes that a man dressed up like a zombie is sitting next to her.

19、Later, after I had cleaned the mess and ate supper, I was sitting at the bar drinking milk and balancing my checkbook when I saw someone sitting in the corner at one of the tables.

20、They breakfasted at noon in the sunny sitting room, where the air was heavy with the scent of roses.

21、Over lunch I find myself sitting under Genrikh Yagoda - a thin, cadaverous-looking man with a black moustache.

22、The OED says "couch potato" originated as American slang, meaning "a person who spends leisure time passively or idly sitting around, especially watching television or video tapes."

23、When I remember my dream last night, the angel was sitting on the curved light, smiling softly on the face and gently reaching out to me.

24、"Not qualified to do that, you know. Just sitting idle at home. I haven't touched the pen for ages, as a matter of fact.

25、And about halfway through her song, she reached for a matching blue pageboy wig, which was sitting atop her piano, and positioned it on her bare head.

26、When with the day's burden I went home, my love was sitting in the garden idly tearing the leaves of a flower.

27、The grandfather was sitting under the fir trees, where he had also put up a seat, waiting as usual for his goats which returned down the mountain on this side.

28、If you were going to run a triathlon, you would spend more time improving your endurance and pacing yourself then sitting on the bench writing out the timing for your swimming, running and biking.

29、When he had at last forced his way through, he saw a wonderfully beautiful maiden sitting under the tree; and she sat there and was entirely covered with her golden hair down to her very feet.

30、Few things make you feel more helpless than sitting blank-faced at a screen, looking at a flashing cursor and a message saying "PASSWORD INCORRECT" in a disapproving tone.