1、the penthouse of the eye

2、a color restful to the eye

3、Have you ever had an eye twitch?

4、Her mother is an eye specialist.

5、I caught his eye and saw desolation.

6、He has an eye for the beautiful.

7、But he kept going. He peeked over the top, eye to eye with the boiling lava.

8、Objective To discuss the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of dry eye after eye surgery.

9、What can you do to prevent an eye injury?

10、The explosion blinded him in the right eye.

11、Diana's expert hunter's eye fastens fatally on her target.

12、We need an eye bolt to fit this valve.

13、All people with wrinkles around eyes, eye pouches and dark eye circles, and people with loose, droop or swelling eyes.

14、Enriched in kiwifruit energy essence and active oxygen gene,bring moisturizing to the eye skin,enhance the blood micro-circulation to eye,de-toxine,release fatigue of the eye,remove wrinkle and eye tail line.

15、Eye Contact: Vapour is an eye irritant. May cause tearing and blurred vision. Splashes of liquid may cause corneal damage.

16、If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you might be considering laser eye surgery as part of your eye care.

17、After a period of time, invisible to the naked eye lesions on the development of the naked eye wart.

18、How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?

19、At RealD 3-d shows, a projector alternately displays the left-eye and right-eye images, each in an oppositely circular polarized direction, 144 times per second.

20、This feedback system is used by the eye in an effort to attain an ideal eye length, neither farsighted nor nearsighted. This state is called emmetropia.

21、I seemed to have something in my eye when I saw that, and I expect he had the same something in his eye when he drew it.

22、To prep the eye to receive the tooth and lens, the doctors placed a cheek graft over the eye to promote moisture.

23、Her scar tissue would heal and she would have daily treatment with eye drops and cream.

24、The chameleon can keep one eye on its prey and the other on its footing.

25、I don't have a drill guide for my grinder so I must trust my eye.

26、It still has to keep an eye on upstart man-made fibres, such as polyester.

27、The sodden eye had kept something of the loveliness of their blue.

28、Eye contact is extraordinarily powerful, so it's important to walk the line between intensity and subtlety, which is why we usually restrict direct eye contact to only a second or two.

29、Too much stuff actually draws your eye away from detail and makes the tableau of your home a noisy blur.

30、Close one eye and squint at the screen with the other eye in order to see which elements pop out and which are fuzzy and which items seem to group together.