1、Join the astronomy club.

2、Without this understanding, astronomy is very difficult.

3、Do you know anything about astronomy?

4、In astronomy, in optical astronomy we cannot measure the period or the frequency of optical light.

5、THE here and now are defined by astronomy and geology.

6、A knowledge of astronomy is essential to understanding the Earth.

7、Spain's religious fanaticism would delay science, astronomy, even political thought.

8、The astronaut (an astronomy fan) is astonished at the gymnastics show in the gymnasium.

9、But the case of the middleweights is among the most controversial in all of astronomy.

10、Woodworking and astronomy teachers worked together on a class that built a telescope.

11、Two factors affect an eclipse's color and brightness, says the astronomy magazine Sky &Telescope.

12、In one survey, working conditions for philosophers outranked some other prestigious fields like aerospace engineering and astronomy.

13、A Minneapolis astronomy teacher says the earth's wobble means the signs of the Zodiac have changed over time.

14、Although it was a great hobby for her, she wanted to study aeronautics or astronomy as a career.

15、Arithmetic, astronomy and geometry were a standard part of the curriculum in medieval schools, making Gerbert's enthusiasm for these subjects unusual, but not unheard of.

16、The choice of the name Kepler is timely, for 2009 is the 400th anniversary of two of the most momentous events in astronomy.

17、She also loves astronomy, which is incidentally an interest of mine too, but you won't hear about it again in this course.

18、It will therefore be possible to work out which direction the neutralino that caused it to recoil came from and thus engage in a form of dark-matter astronomy.

19、A good pirate captain had to know the astronomy to navigate by the stars. He had to be acquainted with meteorology and know enough fluid dynamics to make sure he didn't overload his ship with booty.

20、In the past few centuries the Arabs, once pre-eminent in a host of skills, from astronomy and algebra to architecture and engineering, have seen their societies stagnate and fester.