1、It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.

2、"Menopause:Final cessation of menstruation, ending female fertility."

3、Embryo mix-ups at fertility clinics are extremely rare.

4、In Brazil, hotbed of Catholicism, fertility is below 1.9.

5、If you adjust their lifetime fertility rate to take account of this bulge of babies on arrival, you find immigrant fertility is about 2.2, not much above average.

6、There's still a considerable amount of unintended fertility, especially in some parts of Asia and Africa.

7、Using the cervical mucus method to promote fertility doesn't pose any risks.

8、The link between living standards and fertility exists within countries, too.

9、That is when the Nile River flooded its Banks, bringing water and fertility to the land.

10、As insulin levels rise with weight gain, the pituitary releases ever higher levels of the fertility-regulating luteinizing hormone.

11、Fertility testing is nothing if not invasive, but the research, from the University of Rochester Medical Center, means that the latest tool in the fertility Arsenal might soon be a lowly tape measure.

12、In some large countries like the USA and Spain, the recession actually reversed the upward fertility trend.

13、We think it\'s vitally important to raise awareness amongst cancer patients, fertility specialists, oncologists and hematologists.

14、There is a higher accumulation rate of Ni by plantain from soil (6.17%), especially in the poor fertility soil.

15、These unusual beauty contests, known as Gerewol, celebrate the fertility the rains bring to the parched edge of the Sahara.

16、People with higher levels of education earn more, have more control over their fertility, and have healthier and better-educated children.

17、The best bit, according to Rademakers, is that adding the 'char' to poor soil dramatically increases its fertility, so the world could kill two birds with one stone.

18、For nearly 40 years Brazil has invested in research and technological innovation to increase the fertility of its soils with great success.

19、Because the data are based on men with known fertility problems, it's not clear whether the results apply to all men as they age.

20、Educational attainment in women and girls has been correlated with decreased fertility and smoking rates, increased age of marriage, adequate birth spacing and overall treatment adherence.

21、The birth rate and natural growth rate decreased from 33.43‰ and 25.83‰ in 1970 to 15.23‰ and 8.77‰ in 1999 respectively. The total fertility rate went below the replacement level, making China one of the countries with a low fertility level in the wo

22、For example, it is hard to say whether an ART baby has died because of the ART technology or because one of its parents had a mutation that mutually contributed to subpar fertility and infant death.

23、The theory that women are born with all the eggs they will ever have has been challenged by research that could raise the prospect of restoring female fertility and reversing the menopause.

24、A mother's love is a drop of dew, kissing dry soil. It looks forward to the fertility of the broken earth with the tenderness of the drizzle and the perseverance of diamond.

25、Since the urease activity in soil is close correlated with the growth of stem lump mustard and soil metabolism, which is a key indicator of soil ecology and soil fertility.

26、They call for incentives to keep women at home to breed (though poor career prospects for mothers are a big factor behind a precipitous fall in the fertility rate).