1、Folk music is currently enjoying a renaissance.

2、These areas are currently facing severe problems.

3、He is currently engaged in dialect research.

4、In addition, our intermediate-term indicators are currently moderately bearish.

5、The console is currently available in Lite mode only.

6、The pancreas which produces hormones is currently under construction.

7、The United States is currently trading with France.

8、If a client connects to a broker with the same client ID as a currently connected client, the broker will disconnect the currently connected client.

9、This grouping, as mentioned above, has everything to do with the branching strategy currently in place.

10、But no African country is currently on track to meet any of the Millennium Development Goals.

11、The industry is currently trading at a PE in the low teens.

12、The unpredictability starts with unilateral measures, where the US is currently making the pace.

13、Surveillance and response teams are currently operating in 168 out of the 444 districts in Indonesia.

14、Smrekar pointed out that the volcanoes could even be currently active, but that there is no data to confirm that.

15、As I've previously said you can't run full pelt then change direction by 90 degrees as you currently can.

16、Yohimbine is not currently listed under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, and is therefore legal to possess and sell.

17、Many conservatives still loathe MrMcCain, and Mr Romney at least currently pretends to believe most of thecornerstone conservative dogmas.

18、The 36-year-old man, from Coventry, is currently playing chief villain Edmund in a touring production of King Lear.

19、The wonder drug has helped relax muscles in children with cerebral palsy, and is currently being tested as a treatment for asthma.

20、China has currently suspended approvals of new nuclear plants, but Kenningham expects it to go ahead with its nuclear program eventually.

21、The team will also be assessing patients at the Van hospital where some 38 people are currently being treated and evaluated for possible H5N1 infection.

22、The technology has several practical USES currently in play — museums and libraries can keep large Spaces quiet while offering Audio Spotlight systems in specific areas.

23、The current calculations show that about 1.2 megaJoules of energy will be enough for ignition, and currently Nif can run as high as 1.8 megaJoules.

24、Due to the ever-changing nature of archaeology and dating technology, the literature currently considered the oldest in the world may shift in line with newer, more exciting technologies.

25、This would mean the family would be far more up to date than they are currently and their responses and queries would be spread out (and inline), far more manageable and more current.

26、Such enrichment is currently in violation of a U.N. suspension order, although once transparency concerns have been satisfied, Iran would be allowed, under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to resume.

27、Two other councils where no party currently has overall control, Cumbria and Warwickshire, are in his sights too, as are two counties in the south-west where the Lib Dems now have a tenuous hold.

28、As they become more familiar with the campus community, and with the capacities and limitations of their budget, they may want to move to other quarters that offer greater advantages than the apartment currently occupied.

29、If you ask a good shop clerk for help locating an item, he will not only answer the question, but also volunteer useful collateral information; for example, the fact that a more expensive, higher-quality item than the one you requested is currently on sale for a similar price.

30、The historical five-year PEb and for selected stocks in the industry between 1991 and 1995 was about 10 to 100. The average PE during the period was 30. The industry is currently trading at a PE in the low teens.