1、Unicode defines character encodings in three distinct sizes-utf-8, UTF-16, and utf-32-while the traditional character type is 8 bits.

2、Input rows are read in UTF-8 format.

3、This is a Simplified Chinese translation for UTF-8.

4、The W3C wisely explains, "In other situations, such as for APIs, UTF-16 or UTF-32 may be more appropriate.

5、Unicode用三种不同的大小定义字符编码—utf -8、UTF - 16和UTF - 32—而传统的字符类型是8位的。

6、When supplementary characters are involved, a supplementary is counted as two UTF-16 code units using CODEUNITS16, or one UTF-32 code unit using CODEUNITS32.

7、This article will examine the UTF-8 CCS, the most popular format.

8、UTF-16BE: 16-bit UCS Transformation format, big-endian byte order.

9、Earlier versions lack UTF-8 locale support and ISO10646-1 X11 fonts.

10、For multilingual applications, usually we pick UTF-8 as the character set.

11、Unlike MacRoman, UTF-8 isn't limited to a few scripts and one minority platform.

12、All messages sent to and received from the Operator Site shall be encoded as UTF-8, and all such messages shall have the 'encoding="UTF-8"' markup in the XML-DECL that appears on the initial line.

13、This still occupies three bytes in UTF-8, whereas the English word "grove" takes five letters and requires five bytes.

14、UTF - 16le:16位UCS转换格式,小尾数法字节顺序。

15、The customer form enables you to give the form header with UTF characters, as shown in Listing 3.

16、Informix 4gl also enables applications to use the UTF characters as search criteria for finding content within rows.

17、US-ASCII 对UTF-8 向上兼容(US-ASCII字符串也是UTF-8字符串,参见 [RFC 3629]),因此如果需要与 US-ASCII 保持兼容,UTF-8 非常合适。


19、It used to be somewhat inconvenient to deal with UTF-8 in Rails because Ruby's primary method of dealing with them was through regular expressions.

20、If there is no BOM and there is no given encoding attribute, the BLOB data is assumed to consist of UTF-8 code points.

21、UTF - 8是一个较新的标准,软件中对它的支持也刚刚开始进行。

22、As an aside, getting simple applications like xterm and mutt on Linux to support UTF-8 encodings can be quite challenging as well.

23、使用增补字符时,对于一个增补字符,使用CODEUNITS16 计算是两个UTF-16代码单元,而使用CODEUNITS32 计算则是一个UTF-32代码单元。

24、所有与*作入口站点(Operator Site)交互的消息必须采用UTF-8编码,并且所有这类消息均必须在初始行中的含有’encoding=”UTF-8”’的申明。

25、假设您拥有一个UTF - 8编码的字符,其长度为3字节,而字符串只拥有编码的前两个字节。


27、但是如果使用字节语义并使用UTF - 8对字符进行编码,则该字符串的长度为6字节。



30、UTF - 8转换格式正逐步成为一种占主导地位的交换*文本信息的方法,因为它可以支持世界上所有的语言,而且它还与ASCII兼容。