1、A blade for the butchering, I cut them to shreds.

2、They asked for my hands and cut them off with a knife for butchering goats.

3、conscious pigs shackled and stabbed on the slaughter line despite rules that they be stunned and unconscious before butchering;

4、This cook was incredibly resourceful; he could do just about anything from butchering a goat to fixing alarm clocks.

5、While the film had done well in the box office, critics almost universally found it distasteful and were butchering it in newspapers around the country.

6、Almost all cases have been linked to close contact to diseased household flocks, often during slaughtering, defeathering, butchering, and preparation of poultry for consumption.

7、On the other hand, if it is clear (as it surely is) that Colonel Qaddafi has given orders that have resulted in the butchering of Libyan civilians, he is indeed a legitimate target.

8、They were found next to bones, and it was clear that these stones had been shaped into butchering tools to strip meat and break into the bones of animals killed on the savannah.

9、The RSPCA fined the store on February 12, 2016 after a witness videoed a worker on January 25 the same year butchering a lobster without any attempt to stun it to mitigate suffering.