1、Several groups have even done modern renditions of old hymns.

2、The gaohu was used as the lead instrument or for special renditions.

3、Some of your artists in fact have made renditions of the city that are quite accurate.

4、This New Year's, maybe sparked by renditions of Auld Lang Syne, we might reflect on times with friends and family.

5、Her renditions of Okinawan songs of celebration and sad songs for homesick travelers always move the audience.

6、The top three winners included artistic renditions of neurons, a map of New York City and the harvest season.

7、Big-footed Athens Olympics mascots in voluminous plush suits of orange and blue are lifesize renditions of unearthed terracotta dolls dating back5,000 years.

8、The hectic social schedule gave him a fresh lease of life and he entertained visitors with crisp anecdotes, risque jokes and renditions of old music hall songs.

9、This article gives a brief contrast of visual and audial images in the two English renditions of Nostalgia, and emphasizes that image actualization is of great significance in poetry translation.

10、In 1999 he released Inside Wants Out, an album consisting mostly of solo acoustic renditions of his energetic, earnest songs, as well as several tracks recorded with a full band.