1、After the election the new government commenced developing the roads.

2、The process of imitation probably never commenced between forms widely dissimilar in colour.

3、The second phase, which involves the deployment of artificial reefs in Port Shelter and Long Harbour, commenced in September.

4、This scheme commenced on February 1, 1996. All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

5、The prelude of the night is commenced in the music of the sunset, in its solemn hymn to the ineffable dark.

6、and I, having no weapon to raise in self-defence, commenced grappling with Joseph, my nearest and most ferocious assailant, for his.

7、"The governor has ordered a punitive campaign against General Chang," Chueh-hsin read with a growing feeling of tension. "Hostilities have already commenced."

8、Xinhua News Agency, Riga, June 12 (Reporter Wan Chengcai) The Chinese Gourmet Week commenced on the evening of the 12th at SAS Hotel in Riga, capital of Latvia.

9、Delivery of rolling stock commenced with the first Tung Chung Line train and Airport Express train shipped to Hong Kong in January and September respectively. Test runs proceeded immediately afterwards and progressed well.

10、There are plans to establish four more air quality monitoring stations including one more at the roadside. Monitoring of toxic air pollutants at Tsuen Wan and Western District commenced in 1997.

11、It has been a decade since the villagers committee election commenced after the Organic Law of Villagers Committees began to be implemented on a trial basis on June 1st, 1988.

12、It commenced construction of a light beacon at Sha Lo Wan, public piers at Sai Kung and Sam Ka Tsuen,modification to the northern breakwater of China Ferry Terminal and the planning for construction of a sheltered boat anchorage at Tai O.