1、decorate a wall with flower stencils

2、Heavy canvas is stretched and painted, often using stencils, and coated with protective finish.

3、In my grandma's time, secretaries of work units would be able to cut mimeograph stencils.

4、I was pregnant and carrying a big suitcase of stencils I was hoping to sell in America.

5、All stencils were created by hand with native OmniGraffle shapes, and groups and can be scaled, resized and exported to other vector formats in Graffle.

6、Carbon paper, self-copy paper and other cop - ying or transfer papers (including coated or impregnated paper for duplicator stencils or offset plates), whether or not printed, in rolls or sheets.

7、Using a pencil, trace your stencils and use an x-acto knife to slowly cut out the design. or, we used our rubber stamp collection to stamp on the bags in white, let dry and cut around the stamp.